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Ievadi savu e-pastu, lai reizi nedēļā saņemtu džeza notikumu afišu visā Latvijā, kā arī vairākas reizes gadā lasītu džeza žurnālu.

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Apvienība Wise Music Society sāk veidot elektronisko žurnālu par Latvijas (un ne tikai) džeza dzīvi.
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Singer Arta Jēkabsone and pianist Edgars Cīrulis on their collaborations, challenges and dreams

Jazz at a pop festival: music as an endless journey of Kamasi Washington

Soul Tap dance group describes different ways to find joy in life

Evilena Protektore and Artjoms Sarvi define what it is like to create a jazz band of 13 people

A conversation about night rehearsals and composing processes of S&T Syndicate


«Jersika Records» Latvian vinyl label creator Mareks Ameriks and his sincere music

Big city rush of the mighty New York, the magical sound of vinyl and the rules of life of a Latvian saxophonist Toms Rudzinskis

Jazz dance teacher, choreographer, promoter Alisa Košeļeva-Nurahmedova finding her soul in jazz

Double bass player, manager and life enthusiast Toms Lipskis defining jazz and happiness

Pianist Marika Šaripo on combining jazz and classics and the challenges of being a girl in a man’s world


Hip-hop, Latvian poetry, modern jazz and video projections in a story by Beāte Zviedre

Stanislav Yudin and Asnate Rancane releasing a vinyl «Op.2» – a story about two artists with completely different musical backgrounds

Mixing tap dance with jazz and creating a superfreedom by Leonards Vīksne

Dixieland in the Latvian movie «Dream Team 1935»: talks on composing and creation


Evilena Protektore about the most unusual concert of Latvian Radio Big Band – album’s «Latvian Jazz Suite vol.2» presentation

Edgars Cīrulis and his thoughts about an album «Op.2» and merging two different musical worlds

Krists Saržants on «Jazzatomy»’s bright debut album «Colors of Summer»

Toms Lipskis on Toms Rudzinskis’ «Locomotion!» as one of the most anticipated jazz albums of the year