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Ievadi savu e-pastu, lai reizi nedēļā saņemtu Latvijas džeza notikumu elektronisko afišu, kā arī vairākas reizes gadā lasītu džeza žurnālu.

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Apvienība Wise Music Society sāk veidot elektronisko žurnālu par Latvijas (un ne tikai) džeza dzīvi.
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Latvian jazz legend undeservedly forgotten – Raimonds Raubiško’s twisted journey through life and music

To meet Jamey Aebersold, share a cup of tea with Vince Mendoza, chat with David Baker about Freddie Hubbard — all of that possible only in the States

Jekaterina Šarigina tells her story about her path in music, rebuilding life from scratch and differences between Latvia and Great Britain

Miguel Giraldi about mountains, dictature, travels, underground and the road to jazz

A business and life story of the «eLPee» music store owner Ivars Ivanovskis

Ivars Ozols and the reality of sound recording in Latvia

Bernd Schille on a humane business and musicians’ community that has to stick together

Maksim Perepelica about trusting life, always being in motion and New York


A talk with Inga Bērziņa on the future of jazz education

Jazz forgotten in between condoms at the petrol stations

A talk of Indrikis Veitners with Vyacheslav Ganelin and Arkady Gotesman on music which isn’t worth rehearsing or performing too often

Frank Peeters about the things that keep you going

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, who believes in hard work instead of talent

Salvador Sobral — a jazz cat who accidentally won over the pop music scene


A conversation with Indriķis Veitners about European perception of Latvian jazz, its history and changes

«KlusiKlusi» — a story about three different artists existing together in one moment

RAHU THE FOOL in a transatlantic journey in a time machine

A talk with the LUPA band on their newest recording and differences of the recording format, musician influences and counterparts

Indriķis Veitners listens to a newest album of «Xylem trio» and Nato Metonidze

Abridged phrases, expert musical images and hypnotic rhythmic ideas is what we hear in an Auziņš / Čudars / Arutjunjans recording

Jānis Rubiks reminiscing about the first German jazz festival dedicated to the Baltic states

Edgars Cīrulis about home and being in the moment

Christmas madness perpetuated by Very Cool People