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Ievadi savu e-pastu, lai reizi nedēļā saņemtu Latvijas džeza notikumu elektronisko afišu, kā arī vairākas reizes gadā lasītu džeza žurnālu.

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Apvienība Wise Music Society sāk veidot elektronisko žurnālu par Latvijas (un ne tikai) džeza dzīvi.
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Dissonances that make a habit: Auziņš, Čudars & Arutyunyan Trio album «Tutti off Duty»

Reanimated hippie in a suit: Very Cool People and Aija Andreeva, «Woodstock’s Renaissance»,

Childhood memories and a trip to America: the debut album of Matīss Žilinskis surprises with the joy of playing

Two fresh albums by a Latvian saxophonist: Deniss Pashkevich — musical chameleon

Flutist Ilona Kudiņa’s new album «Baltic Transit» – proof that a powerful leader knows how important his team is

Miķelis Dzenuška’s album «sapņotājs» (dreamer): a post-irony story about trying and doing

«The Coco’nuts» band’s newest album, «Forward Back»: two steps forward, one step back

«S&T Syndicate» album «Elevator Music 2.1» – nonstop flight in the elevator


The musical legacy of Latvian history: VEF-produced Hammond organ as a world-class hymn to mechanics and electronics

From a recording to a release: how to release music so that others wouldn’t throw it in the trash

Jazz Club manager notes: practical communication with musicians.

Musicians’ work ethic: At what point the musicians forgot that each time performed on the stage is a concert that needed preparation


A historic moment for jazz in Latvia: for the first time, jazz has been acknowledged as an equal participant in Latvian culture.

First jazz festival in Latvia. A documentary movie as an event uniting generations

Jazz Valhalla jam sessions in Liepāja as a trip to New York


Baltic jazz unites for a concert in the US: three jazzmen went to America to show what jazz with a Baltic taste sounds like

Marija Broča: to enjoy playing at a funeral, always be outside the box, accidentally create new projects and dream about singing a cabaret

A moment when people with a wish to improvise without limitations come together — «Endless Roar» and Vestards Šimkus on music where everyone is a composer

«Blues House» and Jānis Bukovskis: this club is vital for me, and it’s also a job that doesn’t allow you to relax even for a moment

«City Jazz Riga» big band art director’s creative passion and youth maximalism

Betty Terens on existing in two worlds at the same time is like being a bat — you are neither a bird nor a mouse, and you are and aren’t accepted at the same time